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Fried Mind

The man who presents you the news
With his top of the class views
They wanna make you believe it
the way they see it

Cause in this system to go down
Informations are skewed
Theyíre trying to put you to sleep
Because they want to do what they want to do

Show me guns ( My TVís on )
Show me babe ( It burns my eyes and )
Show me blood ( It fries my mind )
Make me fear ( Yes my TVís on )
Make me hate ( You know my TV speaks )
Make me smile ( My TV lies )
Make me dream ( Yes, my TV kills )

Washed out
I look at the soaps with stupid people
They all bring me down, low mental level
Iím going to be a real vegetable

Yes, my mind, my mind, your mind
Burns in a big ocean of
Images, irradiations
With a beautiful babe on the beach
That distort your reality


(music & lyrics by BLUSTER)
© 2000 - BLUSTER