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Confusion is in my head, through my eyes
My hates, my pulsions out of control, I watch
For my slave, the whore, the bitch, a taste of desire
I知 licking your face, I知 satisfying my nerves

I love you babe, I love your body so cold
Your dried blood is giving back some colors
I can see this flash of life in your eyes and the truth
Is coming back to confuse my mind, my nerves

God please help me I知 sick ( Sick )
I can稚 control myself anymore ( Nerves )
Now my eyes burn ( Sick )
God help me ( Nerves )

God please help me I知 sick ( Sick )
I知 so disgusting ( Nerves )
I知 sick ( Sick )
Nerves ( Nerves )

(music & lyrics by BLUSTER)
© 2000 - BLUSTER