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Strange lands, visions
Of hell, destructions

Fire, so sweet,
So cold, exciting

Burning my eyes,
Black hole and white light

My brainís atrophied,
The screams are too loud

I cannot stop these visions
This jungle is a burning hell
Explosion of weapons that burns me

Sometimes I dream that an angel comes
Here to kiss me, to set me free
Sometimes I dream

I can hear the voice of an angel
I would like to fly like an angel

Iím so sad, I canít beleive
I want to get out but Iím tied up
Iím so sad, Iím loosing my self-control
Iím running away

Itís so loud, I hear the fear
The shades are catching and harassing me
Itís so loud, I feel my body rotting

Iím so sad, youíre so far from me
My angel I try to come to you
Iím so sad, I need to be with you
I want you to set me free

Take me !

(music & lyrics by BLUSTER)
© 2000 - BLUSTER