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Wake Up

As I bleed, fall to sleep, thoughts to devour
Life is wealth but the largest sum cannot be won
Inside your clouded mind

Open the window of your soul
Feel the absence of the floor
Thereís a perfect harmony
In the rise and fall of my screams

Shadows on my dream
Words are meaningless
Feel the emptiness

Oh when Iím walking faster in my dream
I have to achieve the lack of reason that makes me believe
Endless paranoia on my symphony whatís my destiny ?
This mystic dream whistled tonight that tale
Numb was the voice but still spins me round

As I dream, start to roam, in my weaken mind
Hypnotic feelings, flying low
I speak the language of my soul

Dreaming deeper in my dream
I hear the whisper in my ear that sends me telepathic fear
Agony tell the visions yelled, the madness breaks the shell Misty dream, oh
please, vanish in the sky
The melting frozen ink leaks to heaven or hell
Break out, flow out,
I now have to leave my sacred land where all the spirits dwelled

Wake up now !

(music by BLUSTER / lyrics by J. Wolf)
© 2000 - BLUSTER