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Hey Samy !

Wake up your mind, yes your mind where is your brain,
You’ve lost your girlfriend, because you’re too jealous.
You’re blind, check up your mind
And stop smoke your fucking grass that makes you paranoid
You expected to put her closed in a cage
She’s not your slave, all you won was a break,
She left you down, oh yeah, down on your knees
It’s only your fault and, I’m sure, you deserved it

Yeah !

Sure, you feel so sick to let her go,
You look really down, you got a real mouthful.
You know, you make me laugh ! Oh yes I laugh,
When I think about your fucking face !
Your mind is rotten and your head is full of shit,
Now stop throw up your words, your mouth stinks
So shut your face and let us breath
You can change place, nobody will regret you !

Stop to chase her, dumb ass, she told you
Believe me,
You better have to jump off a bridge
You know it ?
She’s tired to listen to your groans
Hey Samy !
You stink crappy, get out of here, beat it !

(music & lyrics by BLUSTER )
© 2004 - BLUSTER